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ACPV System Calculator

 ACPV Solar Power System Calculator

The ACPV System Calculator will give an estimate of the system capacity (wattage) you will need in order to offset a percentage of your monthly electric bill.

First, determine your average monthly electricity usage in kWH. See the typical electric bill below as an example. 

 Electric Bill

(Please note that because of the additional 'Delivery Charges' the REAL cost of this customer's electricity is 9.8 cents per kWH and NOT just the 5.7 cents per kWH !!!! Solar Power substantially reduced this customer's Energy Charge AND Delivery Charges.)  

Second, using the map below, determine the Solar Resource Number for your location. For example, the Number for the Houston area is 5.

  Solar Resource Map

Third, enter your information in the yellow boxes in our Calculator below. Your estimated system size will appear in the green box.

Many factors can affect solar power system performance. So please keep in mind that the system size calculated below is an estimate! 


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