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The Solar Solution

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Answers to our Quiz 


  • Solar Panels use the sun's heat to generate electricity. NO. Actually, photons in the sunlight collide with electrons in the solar panel and make them flow as electricity.

Solar Panel Function

  • Solar Panels continue to work on cloudy and even rainy days. Yes. Typical solar panels can produce 10-25% of their rated capacity even on cloudy days.

Solar Radiation Measurement

  • In North America, Solar Panels harvest the most energy when facing south. Yes. However, Solar Panels facing east and west will produce power, but at a somewhat reduced level.

Solar sky trace

  • Excess electricity generated by Solar Panels is wasted. NO. Our AC Solar Panels are connected to the power grid. The excess electricity you don't use is available for others to use. With 'Net Metering' you will be credited for the electricity you feed to the grid.

Net Meter

  • Home solar power systems require large battery banks. NO. With a grid-tied solar power system the grid itself acts like a virtual 'electricity bank'. 

grid Tie System

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Why should you consider owning your own Solar Power System?

  • The money you spend on monthly electric bills is gone forever. Why not redirect that money into an investment of a Solar Power System that you will own?

  • Electricity prices will continue to increase with ever higher fuel costs. However, a Solar Power System continues to produce electricity at the same low cost year after year. After the system has paid for itself it will continue to produce electricity for free!

  • A Solar Power System will increase the resale value of your home. But it will NOT increase your property taxes.

  • You can substantially reduce your income tax bill. There is a 30% Federal Income Tax Credit available in 2016 for solar power installations.

  • And.....    You can watch your AC meter spin backwards for a change...  It's pretty cool!

Power Meter Spins Backwards

SolarACPV products


The energy solution of the future has finally arrived.

  • Solar Power was once largely reserved for spacecraft and remote off-grid locations.

  • Those days are gone.

Skylab                             Lake Powell Solar
  • Increased large scale manufacturing has reduced the cost of solar panels, making them readily available to all consumers.

  • Advances in electronics have made solar power systems completely autonomous. They are also very reliable. Our integrated microinverter has a 25 year warranty.

    SolarACPV has Made It Easier.

    • There are many types of solar equipment available today. 

    ACPV Solar Home

    • However, we have carefully chosen our components to provide an optimum solar power system for you.

    • Our ACPV system is one of the fastest and easiest to install.

    ACPV Solar Advantage


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