Superior ACPV Solar Panel Technology.
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Welcome to SolarACPV! Your Answer for Commercial, Residential, Houston PACE financed, and DIY Solar Power Projects.

  • We are a NABCEP certified solar installer and a Texas State Registered Engineering Company.

  • We have the experience to complete your PACE financed project.

  • We are a Texas Green Building Marketplace Listed Vendor.

  • We are a full service Solar Power Company supplying superior ACPV Solar Panel Technology.

See what residential customers have to say about their Solar Power Systems with SolarACPV  Technology.

Our Alternating Current Photo-Voltaic (ACPV) Solar Panels offer numerous advantages over other solar panel systems.

  • SolarACPV Solar Panels provide more AC Power Output to your home and the grid.



  • Each SolarACPV solar panel operates independently. The ACPV system continues to produce power even if some panels become shaded or malfunction. Furthermore, there is NO single point of failure.

  • The ACPV system can be remotely monitored over the Web. Performance data for EACH solar panel is available. 


Our ACPV Solar Panels reduce installation time and labor.

  • Each ACPV panel includes a factory installed integrated microinverter and plug and play cabling, greatly reducing installation time. Each microinverter carries a 25 year warranty!

  • There are no batteries or central inverters to install.

  • The ACPV system is modular. System capacity can be easily upgraded.

    Have a look at our Innovative DIY Kit  Products.


    Visit The Solar Solution page and try our Solar Power Quiz. There you will find some other fun and interesting solar power facts as well.

    Use our ACPV System Calculator to estimate your Solar System Size requirements.